Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. Celeb marriage proposals Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank and tennis pro Ruben Torres announced their engagement Tuesday in California. Here’s a look at other celebrity couples who have recently gotten engaged. Hide Caption 1 of 26 Photos: Celeb marriage proposals Television personality Maria Menounos and her boyfriend of 19 years, Keven Undergaro, are engaged. I thought he was joking,” Menounos told People magazine. Hide Caption 2 of 26 Photos: Celeb marriage proposals Fitness guru Jillian Michaels, right, proposed to girlfriend Heidi Rhoades on the Tuesday season finale of her E! Hide Caption 3 of 26 Photos: Celeb marriage proposals Singer Mariah Carey and Australian billionaire James Packer got engaged in January just a few months after they were first seen cozying up together.

Is Kris Jenner Dating A Nigerian Billionaire?

Rachel and her uncle, Gary Stern, arrived at Fort Lauderdale International Airport Sunday evening from Philadelphia to conclude a complex, three-way custody fight that began nearly nine months ago. Rachel was greeted at the airport by hugs and kisses from her aunt, Deborah, and her cousins, Joshua, 4, and Courtney, 2. Several clowns had volunteered to put on a show when Rachel arrived, but Mrs. Stern, who is 3 months pregnant with the couple’s third child, said they wanted to keep Rachel’s first night in her new home ‘as quiet as possible.

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The company she founded has the potential to change health care for millions of Americans. Elizabeth Holmes left Stanford University at 19 with a plan to start her own company. For money, she cashed out the funds her parents had saved for tuition. Now, she counts billionaire Larry Ellison as an investor and has former secretaries of state on her board. It’s an industry that was just waiting to be disrupted, since blood testing has not changed since the modern clinical lab emerged in the s.

Just a pinprick of blood gathered in a container smaller than a dime. And up to 70 lab tests can be run on one drop of blood in less time than traditional tests. Holmes thinks that ease of testing will make people more likely to go through with blood tests and help with earlier detection of illness, something she’s passionate about. Then when I started realizing that a company could be a vehicle for having very direct impact over a change that you are trying to make, I started thinking about the concept of what could I build that could impact a lot of peoples’ lives?

The solution she’s built is the Theranos Wellness Center, which has calming music, glossy magazines and offers a blood test with a relatively painless prick. Holmes’ ultimate goal is to have one center within five miles of any American or one mile for folks in big cities. Theranos teamed up with Walgreens pharmacies to help make that happen, and the centers are built within existing Walgreens stores.

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The billionaire investor, who’s made a cause out of refusing to accept Donald Trump’s legitimacy as president, will hit DirectTV and the Dish Network on Tuesday with a new commercial that is part of his closing strategy in the final weeks before the midterms.

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How might a woman accomplish this task? How would she know which men will invest resources in her and her offspring? As I mention in an earlier post, dads are males who are willing to invest in a woman and her offspring in the long run, and cads are those who are only looking for cheap thrills for the night and are likely to desert her after having sex.

Given that women can have only so many children in their lifetimes and that they must invest much more in each child, the reproductive consequences faced by a woman for failing to discriminate between dads and cads are very large. A good dad must possess two qualities:

EXCLUSIVE: The picture, obtained by the Mirror and taken in Las Vegas, reveals the billionaire in his pomp before his name was dragged into a string of scandals With his trademark grin, Sir Philip.

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Bush out of office. But he and the president agree on at least one thing: Host Steve Inskeep talks to Soros about his goal of building a civil society.

Mar 06,  · And the magazine revealed Zuckerberg – creator of social networking site Facebook – is the youngest self-made U.S. billionaire to ever appear in the Forbes billionaire rankings. The website, which he set up to keep in touch with friends he made at.

No, these names won’t guarantee your baby will be a billionaire. But it doesn’t hurt to have a really cool, rich-sounding name to go on top of that resume. We didn’t include some of the more common billionaire baby names, like Michael and John, to give you a quality roundup of rich-sounding baby names. Billionaire inspirations We browsed the names of real-life billionaires for starters, and while some had names that sound wealthy, like Cargill, others sounded a little more down-to-earth, like Dirk.

Some names were originally used for boys, like Whitney MacMillan’s parents did when he was born, but we think they would work better for your modern girl. And don’t despair — there are plenty of strong and powerful women represented in the billionaire department as well. As for the other names, we chose monikers that have a “rich” feel to them.

Chinese Billionaire Pays 5 Million to Find a ‘Pure Wife’

Lake Oswego, Manhattan, Aspen 3, posts, read 3, , times Reputation: Originally Posted by merchantfour Yes I did ask her out. No I’m not married.

By Madeleine A Fugère Ph.D. on November 02, in Dating and Mating. Fascinating research on sexual arousal shows that women may not consciously realize which partners most strongly attract us.

November 23, at She was smart, energetic, more than willing to answer any questions she was asked and had comprehensive answers to all. She should get out there more so more people will see her. Waiting in the dentist office last week, a small group of us got talking politics — all anti-Obama. Someone asked if anyone is going to run against McCain.

I mentioned Kelli Ward and gave a little background on her. Attila The Hunny November 23, at 1: I do the same thing wherever possible. One by one, we can make a difference. She is definitely traveling the state and meeting with the voters. Then ask yourself why John McCain is tied to this dangerous socialist and globalist. Money is just a part of the answer. McCain has the financial resources thanks to lobbyist donors and George Soros to beat back conservatives as he uses lies and distortions.

I urge everyone reading this to support Dr.

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Marta G. Wiley Studios MARTA WILEY is an “Internationally Renowned Artist” – Painter, Singer, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, Speaker and Author. She holds a record for being one of the most prolific Artists in the 21st Century.

The year-old Kate Plus 8 star is said to be dating year-old millionaire businessman Jeff Prescott, based in Brentwood, Tennessee, E! Kate’s relationship with the divorced father-of-three reportedly began in October, and she was spotted on low-key outings with him in New York City between taking care of her large brood and shooting the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice. Scroll down for video New man: Kate Gosselin pictured in is said to be dating year-old millionaire businessman Jeff Prescott from Brentwood, Tennessee Gosselin might be in luck too, as Prescott apparently not only has children of his own but reaches out to help other needy youngsters too.

He is CEO and co-founder of Dreamstime, a company that provides digital and stock images to publications, ad agencies and film and TV companies among others. After her divorce from Jon Gosselin in , Kate knew it would be challenging to find the right partner ‘brave’ enough to handle her big, boisterous brood. Kate was shadowed for years by her married bodyguard Steve Neild ‘I don’t think that I look for a future person as far as, “Come in, help me raise my eight kids.